About skailark

The airline industry has been a first mover in collecting and leveraging data. In the 1960s, a first computer reservation system was developed to partially automate booking and solve the problem of real-time seat availability and inventory management.

Today, data is at the heart of any airline process; data is created and collected constantly. However, not all relevant data reaches the decisions makers. Or worse, wrongly interpreted data is provided as a basis for decisions making.

It is our mission to change this. We intend to provide unparalleled accuracy in competitive detail, helping aviation managers to take best-informed decisions.


We are a team of aspiring aviation entrepreneurs, thriving at the crossroads of airline market knowledge and data analytics.

Dr. Christian Soyk, Founder & CEO

Chris is a former management consultant at Bain & Co with extensive experience in consulting airlines and other clients from the aviation space across the globe. Before that, he worked in network planning at Lufthansa.

He is an aerospace engineer by training and has completed a Ph.D. in Economics, having published multiple papers on the topic of future airline business models.

Chris gets energised when deriving new insights from unstructured aviation data. He leverages his market experience and data analytics skills to develop the best solutions for our customers.

Sebastian Weber, Head of Fundraising

Sebastian is a former management consultant at Roland Berger with experience in consulting (aircraft) manufacturing companies.

He is in the final stages of completing his Ph.D. project, during which he investigated cooperative behaviour between airlines and airports. During his Ph.D. he also started to work as a freelance management consultant, advising companies in the mobility, semiconductor, and healthcare sectors.

Sebastian’s is passionate about exciting individuals and institutions to support skailark. Being an investor and sponsor himself, he leverages his knowledge on how to address investors’ and sponsors’ needs. As a father, as a disabled person, with a working-class background, he easily connects with different personalities on different levels. He is probably our most frequent flyer, as he regularly volunteers as a courier for stem cell and bone marrow transplants across the globe.   

You are similarly passionate about aviation data? Join us!

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