Aviation cost and market intelligence

for airlines, their suppliers and service providers
We provide a data image of the global aviation industry. Key drivers and costs of all flights of the largest >200 airlines are modelled. Web-based platforms allow our customers unparalleled competitive insights and dynamic modelling capabilities. All for best-informed decision-making on strategy, transformation, M&A, fleet, and network.

Platforms & dashboards

Airline cost
  • airline cost benchmarking
  • airline cost time series
  • airline cost modelling
  • airline route competitiveness
Airline sustainability
Aviation markets
  • Ground handling market
  • MRO market

Use cases

  • strategy department
  • network planning
  • fleet planning
  • ESG department
  • Consultancies & research agencies
  • Airports & ground handlers
  • Aircraft OEMs
  • MRO firms