Empowering Aviation to be more sustainable, economically and environmentally.

Skailark is a leading provider of aviation cost, revenue and emission intelligence to airlines and consulting firms. We help our clients take better decisions by providing digital-twin powered granular but holistic data.

Skailark: Digital twin of the global aviation industry

We provide a digital twin (data image) of the global aviation industry. Key drivers of costs and revenues of all flights of the largest >250 airlines are modelled. Our cloud-based interface allows our customers unparalleled competitive insights and dynamic modelling capabilities.

Automating your need to create benchmarks for internal comparisons and departmental goal setting. Delivering optimized decision-making on strategy, sustainability, transformation, M&A, fleet, and network planning.




Daily flights

> 30,000,000,000

Data points


Digital Twin

Skailark Products

Airline Economics

Flight-by-flight cost, revenue and profitability information

Passenger and cargo airlines globally

Dynamic modelling capabilities

Unparalleled competitive insiahts

Facilitating strategy, fleet, network decisions

Tested and proven by a growing number of global airlines and consulting firms

Airline Sustainability

Flight-by-flight carbon emissions data

Passenger and cargo airlines globally

Dynamic modelling capabilities

Based on unparalleled granular data and state-of-the-art research

Leading accuracy

Tested and trusted by global airlines and freight forwarders

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