Airline cost intelligence

skailark aviation intelligence provides a data image of the global aviation industry. Individual cost items concerning all flights of the largest >200 airlines are modelled. Web-based platforms allow customers to benchmark against competitors and dynamically model scenarios. All to enable best informed decision-making.

Airline cost benchmarking

The airline cost benchmarking dashboard displays various (unit) costs including underlying drivers for any global airline. The data can be viewed at any level of granularity, for example by route and aircraft type. Data can further be benchmarked at any level of denominator (e.g. CASM, density-adjusted CASM (i.e., CESM), cost per seat, cost per flight, cost per block-hour, total cost). Our large-scale airline data set further allows for a very accurate stage-length adjustment, which is developed for each individual cost item. Supporting airline data are displayed to help you interpret differences between carriers and aircraft types.

airline cost benchmarking
airline cost time series

Airline cost time series

Our airline cost time series dashboard helps to understand the cost developments over time. All functionalities of our standard airline cost benchmarking dashboard are included as well, allowing views at any level of granularity.

Airline cost modelling

The airline cost modelling dashboard enables the creation of ‘what if’ scenarios. Key drivers for each cost type can be adjusted – from fleet replacements, to improved utilization, to onboard service, to fuel price. This provides our customers with an in-depth understanding of the impact of any airline’s strategic, fleet, or route decisions. Again, this can be done at any level of granularity, also on route- and aircraft-level.

airline cost modelling
airline route and network competitiveness

Airline route competitiveness

The airline route competitiveness dashboard is a specific solution built for airline network and route planning applications. All routes of any carrier can be readily displayed into our newly developed RCC-RMS matrix. RCC stands for relative cost competitiveness and represents the airline’s unit cost position against its competitors on all routes within a network. The RMS axis displays the relative market share of the carrier on that same route. Using few clicks, this dashboard can be easily adapted to enable in-depth strategic and network discussions.

The above dashboards from our airline cost platform only represent a small share of the sheer endless capabilities. If you are interested to see further detail we would be thrilled to provide you with a live demonstration of this platform. Please do not hesitate to reach out!