Airline cost intelligence

skailark aviation intelligence provides a data image of the global aviation industry. Individual airline cost items concerning all flights of the largest >200 airlines are modelled bottom-up, leveraging vast amounts of data and proprietary machine learning models. Cost outputs range from CASK/CASM to block hours, flight hours, seats, eseats and many more options. Web-based platforms allow our customers to benchmark against competitors and dynamically model scenarios. All to enable best informed decision-making for aviation managers.

Customers and use cases


  • Business strategy
  • Cost benchmarking
  • Transformation and M&A
  • Fleet strategy and planning
  • Network strategy and route planning
  • Investor relations


  • Market screening
  • Opportunity screening
  • Route opportunity assessment
  • Competitor airport benchmark
  • Airline benchmark
  • Airline negotiation support

Other aviation customers

  • Aircraft and engine OEMs
  • MRO firms
  • Ground handlers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Leasing firms
  • Banks and analysts

The above use case examples represent a small share of the sheer endless capabilities or our airline cost platform. If you are interested to see further detail we would be thrilled to provide you with a live demonstration of this platform.

Airline unit cost index

The below airline unit cost index dashboard presents selected data in action. The index showcases aggregated data of our bottom-up aviation data image. It displays airline unit cost (CASK / CASM) by month, normalized against unit cost values in January 2019. By selecting the 100% seat density option, costs are benchmarked assuming all aircraft were flying with maximum allowed economy seat density (exist seat limit). This feature allows a like-for-like comparison of airline unit cost. The Ex-fuel unit cost option compares all airline unit costs excluding the cost of fuel.

Note: Any of the above data and visualisations are subject to our legal note.

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