Airline strategic network analysis

Airline strategic network analysis

The strategic network analysis allows to assess airlines’ networks along the two axes market and cost leadership. The market leadership axis presents the relative market share of the selected carrier on the respective route. The cost leadership axis presents the carrier’s cost position relative to the other carriers on the respective route. Try the ‘hovering’ functionality: Hover over each route to see who is flying on this route, the number of seats and their CASM or CASK (select miles or km on the right). In this trial dashboard, Q3’2021 is pre-selected as the data base case.

Merger functionality

The merger functionality combines the networks of any two carriers, allowing the user to understand the impact on the respective two carriers that merged – or any other carrier’s network.

First, select the two carriers to merge on the right hand side of the screen.

Second, select the newly formed airline from the “Carrier name” filter at the top of the dashboard, in this case Frontier Airlines-Spirit Airlines. Or choose any other carrier to see the impact on their network.

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