Airline Emissions

Airline Emissions

With its bottom-up digital twin-powered data, Skailark is able to provide state-of-the-art and highly accurate emission data, which is provided through the Airline Sustainability product.

Environmental sustainability of the aviation industry has received increased public attention over the past years. Rightfully so: commercial aviation emissions account for about ~2% of global CO2 emissions and about ~12% of total transport emissions [Source]. This does not account for non-CO2 emissions, which further contribute towards global warming. Therefore, it is the aviation industry’s clear goal to reduce per-passenger/ per-seat as well as total emissions drastically over the coming decades.

A solid emission data base is an essential first step on the path to emission reduction. Thus, we have built a product that helps our customers towards this goal: Skailark’s Airline Sustainability product is the go-to source to measure and benchmark current emissions but also to model future efficiency measures.

Airline emissions (CO2) index

Our airline CO2 emissions index monitors monthly developments of global airlines’ emissions, available publicly and accessible for free. The index displays the CO2 emissions per available seat kilometer (ASK) by month, normalized against values in January 2019. By selecting the 100% seat density option, CO2 emissions are benchmarked assuming all aircraft were flying with maximum allowed economy seat density (exist seat limit). Furthermore, the index also monitors total airlines’ emissions.

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