Jazeera Airways adopts Airline Economics by Skailark

Jazeera Airways, Kuwait’s leading low-cost carrier partners with Skailark to help support ongoing expansion.

Munich, Kuwait, 2nd July 2024, Skailark, a Data as a Service company which provides its customers with granular, highly accurate cost and revenue data insights is excited to announce that Jazeera Airways, Kuwait’s leading low-cost carrier (J9) will adopt Airline Economics by Skailark. Jazeera Airways operates a fleet of 23 aircraft across 60 destinations in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Dr. Christian Soyk, CEO & Founder commented:

“We are both thrilled and proud to be announcing rapidly growing Jazeera Airways as our next new client and a first in the pivotal Middle East region. We are looking forward to supporting Jazeera Airways with our digital twin, providing the most accurate cost and revenue data in the airline industry through our bottom-up modelling approach.”

Krishnan Balakrishnan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Jazeera Airways remarked:

“At Jazeera Airways, we follow a data driven approach to help make our strategy and planning processes even more robust and efficient. We put Airline Economics through a tough data validation and were pleased to see the accuracy and granularity of the data. We look forward to working with the Skailark team as we focus on our ongoing expansion.”

Skailark will provide Jazeera Airways with Skailark Airline Economics to support its decision making in a market that is experiencing significant traffic growth. Airline Economics will enable Jazeera Airways to include unparalleled market and competitor insights into their decision-making, further strengthening their industry leading growth and profitability. Securing this long-term contract adds further validation of the use cases, data, and digital twin approach that Skailark brings to leading aviation brands worldwide.

Airline Economics leverages big data from the entire industry and proprietary advanced machine learning models (ML) to generate relevant cost and revenue data by route, O&D or aircraft type. Cost data can be adjusted by sector length for example to ensure comparability with other operators.

About Skailark
Recently added to the 2024 Startup Universe compiled by Amadeus, Skailark is empowering the world of aviation with unparalleled data insights, providing a digital twin (data image) of the global aviation industry. Emissions, cost, revenue and other key drivers of all flights of the largest >350 airlines worldwide are modelled. Our cloud-based interface allows unparalleled competitive insights and dynamic modelling capabilities. All for best-informed decision-making on strategy, sustainability, transformation, M&A, fleet, network and aviation policy. Our highly accurate data has already been used by the strongest brands in aviation, consulting, media publishers, and the financial services industry.